Public Housing as State elections draw near.

I’d like to write a few words on public housing in Sydney and other centres. Not only as the New South Wales State elections are coming up in March this year more importantly that there is a need to provide housing assistance, the priority being the nearly 60 thousand people on the waiting list. Currently the chance of being placed on priority listing is minimal while the alternative being a ten year plus wait to be housed. The people placed on the priority housing list face up to a two year wait to get housed. However it is only ten percent of applicants who are in this privileged situation. Most, including the mentally and physically ill can look forward to years of unstable living conditions and an elevation of their illness. That is unless they meet stringent conditions governed to gain priority listing.

My main question with the status quo is that there isn’t enough housing being provided. Put on the market as it were. In a society that prides itself on egalitarian values there is as per usual a group of citizens that is left behind. What’s concerning is the hardships that these people are facing. These are not being met by the State Government in any way, shape or form. I mean if those people were a part of a lobby group the powers that be would take notice.

What could happen in this instance is involvement of private institutions. Homelessness is a problem that is prevalent across society thereby it should be solved by a concerted effort. In this respect I envisage private-public partnerships in building, fixing and providing accommodation. I am not calling for a privatization of the service, it’s a scary thought being an untested proposition. As public housing should remain just that. However corporate Australia should help out in providing and maintaining this essential service.

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