Australia’s Security Breach


It was extensively reported that Australian government email systems have recently been under unprecedented attack from China. However an Australian man from Noosa Heads has claimed that he carried out the phishing attack on Federal email systems.

Mr.Peter Eliahi Priest provided substantial evidence to back his claim. Including a statutory declaration stating that he launched the attack and a release of sensitive information.

The information Mr. Priest released relates to the alleged drug smuggling activities of CIA during the 1970s. Mr.Priest claims that a substantial amount of drugs was smuggled by CIA through Australia and the income from those illegal activities was hidden in a bank in Scotland. Some of the classified information was released after the death of President George Bush Sr. He pointed to an involvement of two state actors. Vietnam’s heroin exports and Nicaraguan cocaine.

Mr.Priest said that he contacted various Federal bodies with his claims however those claims were ignored. He also claims that he met with a close friend of Prime Minister Morrison and has evidence that the friend passed on the information to Mr.Morrison. It is his belief that the current administration does not want to risk a diplomatic incident or undermine the Pacific Partnership.

Mr.Priest recorded a number of live feeds as evidence to support his claims. In an emotional speech he said that he is a patriot and that his family has a long history in Australia and in the military. He said that all the work he carried out on this attack was pro bono, and guided by his care for Australia. He said that journalists are not willing to take on the story and that he hopes that it is publicised.









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  1. Ash C Moncure says:

    Breaking news by journalist Marcin Jaskulski

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