On Globalism.


Globalism refers to all the worldwide connections established throughout the globe. The level at which Globalism permeation is referred to as Globalisation. In the 1990s there was a movement reacting to the increased globalised labour, exploitation of people from third word countries, loss of local communities, destruction of the environment. The current Globalist aims permeate across many facets of a Nation State. Their main aim is to hold and expand the existing power structures and strengthen the hold of power by the establishment.


The chief exponents of the globalist ideology in the current world scenario are; Angela Merkel of Germany, Emmanuel Macron of France, Justin Trudeau of Canada. But there are many aspiring Nation States who also exhibit the same sentiments.  These leaders concentrate on liberal immigration policies, a generous welfare state, high taxation, a high intake of refugees and immigrants. The EU is an active actor of globalism as it represents group interests of many countries and often downgrades the role of the individual Nation State. At the heart  and central to globalism are the banking cartels and old money families. There is a range of publicly listened multi national companies that are active across the world. However, the same names appear on the owners’ registrar, the same pool of money owns those commanding heights of the economy, power and influence across the world.


 For their part, the aforementioned globalist facilitate the status quo, in that, they promote policies, actions and legislation that aids the globalist elites. These leaders concentrate on liberal Ideals and shun values such as Nationalism, Patriotism and Populism. Macron and Merkel expressed their strong distain for those ideologies. Their sentiments echo socialist sentiments, a platform that was not part of their elected legitimacy, however they persisted to move the political ground towards the left. The social unrest in both France and Germany suggests that there is an illegitimacy about their actions. The east of Germany rebelled against the Berlin line public protests questioning the migration of policies on a local level. The shift in the demographics in some German towns has been dramatic and unsettling for the locals. The French yellow vest movement began as a strike over fuel prices but quickly morphed into an all encompassing nationwide action on social issues.


Globalism on the domestic front, favours polices of bodies such as EU, IMF and the World Bank, thereby undermines the Nation State. In that respect it favour acting as part of organisations that act across borders, and policies that favour acting in group interest and not in the interests of the said country. In that respect Nationalism is a dirty word to Globalism’s practitioners. They favour multi-lateral actions and objectives. However, by doing so, they risk being put off side with their own people. As is the case in France at the moment. And proved to be the case in the UK with the recent Brexit movement. It is only logical that if a country’s administration accepts multilateral public actors into the public domain of a country, they will also accept private actors such as multi national corporations. In fact, these have undermined the governments for many decades.


There is a lot of friction between the two competing world views on the national level. Italy toed the globalist line accepting thousands of illegal immigrants via NGO taxis from the North African Coast. Processing centres were full to capacity and the cost to the Italian people was impacting their standard of living. Italy elected a populist government, which caused unease and the relations between Rome and Brussels to deteriorate. Stamping down on perceived dissident actions, such as overriding the EU policies with nationalist priorities. The NGOs are in the wrong to support illegal migration, in this instance, and the many other EU economic policies, as they rarely have the interest of said countries at heart. Globalism strengthens the existing grip of the establishment on economic and political resources. It is ironic that the left supports those global elites’ efforts thinking they are contributing to a redistribution and greater equality and social changes, when the opposite is the case. They are foot soldiers for the globalist elite and facilitate globalist spread across the world.

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