On Free Speech.

The indoctrination of political correctness is a direct opposite of free speech. I believe that anything short of advocating for violence should be allowed to be expressed in the public domain. Those opposite will have you believe that restraint is necessary, and being offended is somehow in vogue.

The perpetually offended would like to curtail anything that they find offensive. Given that in reality anything that offends is often something they disagree with, what offends is a very subjective, and it is impossible to police it. It might be controlled in an Orwellian type 1984 scenario. I posit that this is exactly what some of these free speech ‘control freaks’ want. That is place of where sameness prevails. In that its their way or the highway. In that respect it is a very authoritarian, communist way of perceiving the world. Now, it is a way to go about seeing the world, but not a particularly positive perspective.

The fact is that it is often from the comfort of a capitalist country instead of some collective that they imagine a Marxist utopia where people erect Stalin’s statue in the backyard, have Trotsky speeches playing on loop while they sleep and the best thing they ever read was Mao’s biography.

There is a persistent logic than permeates their thinking. Their online existence declares various virtues: refugee empowerment, rights of minorities, environment protection. This being an endless list of issues they claim constant engagement. However, as I discovered many times, these acceptance, tolerance and understanding goes out the window if they’re presented with a viewpoint that differs from their own.

Recently I blocked one such enlightened soul on Facebook as he exposed his real views following me posting something in support of Donald J. Trump. I don’t mind someone disagreeing with me, I encourage a healthy debate. This man knew my background, that I came to Australia as a kid after my parents sought political asylum. But decided to declare under my post: ‘We let you in, and that’s how you repay us”. So in his opinion I have to submit to a certain way of viewing the world or else I am not welcome in this country. This kind of attitude permeates a lot of progressive thinking and is in fact a weakness of their whole philosophy. Its only through free speech that people are able to build, develop and communicate freely. Changing this does, would not benefit anyone in fact it will hinder the status quo.

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